Al – Daar Company



  • Construction of  concrete box Culvert in Al- Fao district.
  • Construction of concrete regulators to control  irrigation water in following districts (Al-Garma, Abu Sukheyr, Al-Ez,  Al-Medayneh.
  • Excavation work  carried out for new small rivers with total length exceeding 150 kilometers and  with excavation volume of 1,500,000 metric ton.
  • Excavation work for increasing the depth in  southern Fao & Ras Al-Besh rivers with total length of 90 kilometer and  total volume approaches 500,000 metric ton.
  • Construction of RO water pumping station of Abu  Saker (Basrah – Umm Qassr Water Pump Station).
  • Construction of water supply network for  Al-Asdeqa’a district in Al-Basrah city, with length of 32 kilometer, from 8″  diameter to 4″.
  • Built 10  Houses at RO Station in Basrah Water and Sewage Directorate.
  • Maintenance of a 150  kilometer length (42″) oil pipe, in the Strategic Oil Line (Iraqi – Turkish)  Line between station BS2 & BS3.
  • Removal and  replacement of the main pipe for fuel supply of the main pump station in  Al-Burjisiah district.

Construction and installation of Umm-Qassr Cement Factory in  collaboration with Arcom Company – Romania.

Construction and  installation of Basrah Paper factory in collaboration with the French Engesa  Varsore Company.

Construction and  installation of steel and iron factory with collaboration with French Cruser-War  Company.

Supply of  construction materials in Khor Al Zubair liquefied Gas factory.

Various sub contracts  with Snamprogetti – Italy for oil project in Basrah.

Various sub contracts  with Teena of France.

Various contracts  with German WTB company in the Tigris river arm and Baghdad University.

iron factory
Cement Factory Iraq