Marine Services & Terminal Construction

suction dredgers
Dredging berths and channels using cutter and hopper suction dredgers.

Civil and electromechanical works like :

  • Shoring
  • Sheet and pipe pilling
  • Casting concrete
  • Pre-cast columns pilling
  • Pre-stress beams positions, joints, ramps
  • Retaining walls

Electrical and cathode protection for steel sheets and pipes.

Sand blasting of shores, fenders, terminal deck, pillars, cranes, beams, and columns.

Surface treatment and Marine painting using airless sprayer machine.

Welding, on site fabricating and installation works.

Heavy weights installation and assembling.

Loading and unloading of specialized rigging procedures for heavy equipment, factories, drums and towers.

Wreck removal and salvage.

Site surveys for low and high tide table.

Side scan sonar surveying for wrecks and sunk steel parts.

Precondition post surveying and sounding.