Power & Electricity



Distribution, Power, Unities, Standard, , Dry Type, Ring Main Unit (R.M.U.), Flame-Proof & Custom Designed Transformers can be procured from our principal’s factories.

  • Voltage Switchgears  / Switch Boards
  • Power Control Centers / Main L.T. Panel – PCC
  • Main Controls Centers – MCC
  • Main Distributions Boards – MDB
  • Sub Distributions Boards – SDB
  • Lighting Distribution Boards – LDB
  • Changeover Panels – CHO
  • Generator Auto Control Panels – AMF
  • Power Factor Improvement Panels / Automatic Capacitor Contorl Panel – ACP

Power Solutions

Circuit Breakers

Thermal, Thermal-Magnetic, Hydraulic-Magnetic & Electronic  Circuit Breakers for protection of motor & transformer windings and all  industrial components (sensors, actuators, field bus couplers, controls  etc.)

Instrumentation – Various pressure gauges and related accessories,  chemical seals, pressure transducers, test equipment, thermometers, thermo wells  & thermo pockets, RTDs and thermocouples.

Electronics – Thermo line temperature controllers, Hi-Power  surge protectors, digital indicators, monitoring & protection relays,  timers, sensors, electronic counters.

Our principals supply  and install generators world-wide for applications like Hotels, Continuous  Process Industrial Plants and many light industrial uses.

Circuit Breakers

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For all power system solutions our principals’ provide a single  source.
  • The area of expertise is to design, supply, commission and  provide on-going support for a comprehensive range of Diesel Generators and  Electrical Control Systems to meet the most demanding environments and  applications
  • Demand from light industrial use right up to captive Diesel  or Gas power plants of 15 MW

In summary the services and products are as  follows

  • Design of the Power  House includes a determination of most feasible combination to meet power needs  for the installation. Full consideration will be given to ambient and load  characteristics (such as Non-Linear loads).
  • Gas Co-generation systems in the range up to 15  MW
  • Supply of Diesel  Generators and Associated Control Systems at competitive prices. Our range of  supply for generators ranges from 5 KVA up to 2200 KVA
  • A range of GAS Generators ranging from 15 KVA to  1000 KVA are available
  • The  sets can be supplied with Various Options, including Soundproof Canopy and  Containerized, Trailer Mounting, Cooling System Accessories, Alternator options,  Automated Fuel Systems, etc.
  • Industrial UPS systems up to 200 KVA Single & Three phase.
  • Design and supply systems of Medium and  High Voltage (up to 11 KVA), along with associated control and metering  equipment.
  • Complete range of  Electrical Control Systems and Distribution Boards. From simple AMF systems to  the most sophisticated Auto sync systems involving fully automatic grid  synchronization
  • Transformers for voltage conversion.Commissioning  services for ensuring successful installation.
  • After Sales Support or Repair Contracts,  Maintenance Contracts, etc. can also be provided by factory trained qualified  engineers
  • Spare Parts for  the entire range of generating sets. Parts can be supplied with new equipment or  to repair and maintain existing equipment.

5MW Building Blocks

These are standalone mini power stations. The concept is simple, just order  power, when you need it, where you need it.ad1

Each mini power  station has its own fuel storage and transfer system too. Shipped complete with  all transformers and switchgear ready to connect to the load or utility.

All pipe work and  tankage, all cables and connections are labeled and stored in “assembly” order  prior to shipment, to facilitate ease and speed of installation.

The complete station  is designed and manufactured for minimal control and maintenance, thus  significantly reducing downtime and life cycle costs associated with normal  plants of this size.