Shat Al – Basra Company

No . Description of work Client Project Duration or Completion Time
1. Ship repair and maintenance

Built 2 pontoons 25x8x2m

Built 4 pontoons 30x10x2.5m

Built a floating  fuel tanker

Conversion of 2 fire boats

Iraqi Marine 1974





2. Ship repair and maintenance Iraqi State Co. of  fisheries 1980
3. Transportation of general
Cargo to gulf  ports
Iraqi Export Company 1980
4. Supplying Various Marine Equipment towing  vessels and dredgers to the gulf ports Ivan Milutonovic Harbors 1980
5. Building of 3 pontoons 12 x 3.6 x  1.5m

Supplying of floating platforms for pilling and offshore  Constructions

Bilfinger + Breger Iraq Express way 1/8 1984


6. Transportation of cement from Bahrain to  Basrah Supply of various marine equipment
Towing of the vessels to Gulf  port
Toa Harbour Works Khor Al- Zubair Port 1975-1980
7. Participation in offshore construction  Participation in offshore construction Samsung Construction Company Sugar Shipping terminal to berth at  Umm-Qassr 1980-1985
8. Supplying floating platforms for  pilingSupplying floating platforms for piling Ing. G. Radio & Co. Jadiria Bridge 1982-1984
9. Construction of 3 pontoons  12×3.6×1.5m

Various types of mechanical works

Earth moving & dredging  Works

Dodsal Private Co. Majnoon Oilfield 1982



10. Offshore piles extraction  Supplying various marine Equipment P & Z Co. Saipem L.P.G. shipping Terminal 1982
11. Supply of land & sea  Transport Coutino Sugar 1980-1985
12. Construction of  pontoons
10x6x1.5m Maintenance of marine equipment
Various Mechanical  Works
Kier International Umm-Qasrr 10 berth 1984
13. Supply of pontoons Installation  of plastic and wooden vendors
Berths fittings Offshore steel works Offshore  sand blasting &
Al- Mansur Contracting Co. Umm-Qassr Silo 1987
14. Ship repair &  maintenance

Building of research boats

Basrah University 1989


15. Offshore excavation for water  intake pipe Pascucci & Vannucci  S.P.A. 1990
16. Offshore & onshore welding  works
Mechanical Works Diving Works Supplying of Various
equipment  (cranes, swamp cranes, bulldozer, payloader) Supplying of qualified welders,  operators, sand fill & deck hand labors
Joint Venture Boskalis  International Volker Stevin Dredging Umm- Qassr Dredging works 1990
17. General Repairs Completed

General Repairs Completed

General Repairs Completed

General Repairs Completed

Ministry of Industry Karmat Ali rail Bridge,

Faiha’a railway Bridge

Mohmed Al Qasim railway Bridge,
Al-Zubair  Bridge





18. Pilling concrete pre-cast and  sheet pile Iraqi Ports Co. Basrah dock yard 2002-2003