Water & Sewage

Water & Sewage Division

Since 1958, our principals have been in the field of design and  supply of Water / Waste-Water Treatment and Water Desalination systems and have  executed many installations around the world. They are committed to developing  and maintaining the special skills necessary to evaluate, select, and implement  state-of-the-art water treatment technologies to meet today’s competitive and  complex business environment and critical implementation of new technology to  meet the success of any project. They have the best expertise and technically  qualified professionals and engineers to carry on the development programs who  assure the constant expansion and updating knowledge required.
Products Ranges are:

Containerized Brackish & Sea water Reverse Osmosis Systems :

The  containerized unit is highly automated and operating the system requires few  special skills, an important consideration for remote areas. The water  desalination equipment is identical to that of our skid mounted reverse osmosis  treatment systems but includes the pre- and post-treatment within the container.  The sea water system can desalinate both deep sea and beach well waters.

Packaged Wastewater treatment plants – RDA Series

The RDA series  provides an integrated factory assembled wastewater treatment plant based on the  proven extended aeration process. Raw domestic sewage is normally collected in  an under ground sump from where it is pumped to the inlet of the packaged plant  aeration zone. The plant is designed and sized to receive the anticipated flow  rate and solids concentration from the specified domestic population to produce  an acceptable effluent suitable for re-use as irrigation water or discharge to  the municipal sewer system.




Glass Lined Tanks

Our products also include Glass Lined Tanks, which can  be easily and speedily installed with the heavy or expensive plant. The high  quality coating effectively eliminates coating maintenance and is entirely  suitable for a wide range of product from de-mineralized and potable water, to  domestic sewage and industrial effluents.

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

This system comprises chemical  conditioning, cartridge filtration, high-pressure pump, RO membranes, pressure  vessels and the necessary instrument and control. The unit is complete with  interconnecting piping and wiring and tested at our principal’s factory.

Packaged Extended Aeration Sewage Treatment Plants

The extended aeration  process operates without the requirement for primary treatment producing a more  economical solution, sludge stabilization and elimination of odour. These plants  can also produce a fully nitrified effluent and sludge of adequate stability for  land disposal. The aeration plants are suitable for use in applications where  the effluent is discharged to:

  • Soak-away
  • Reef or vale
  • Water course

Or used  for :-

  • Site compaction
  • Dust suppression
  • Flood irrigation